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    Male Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery | Tuscaloosa AlabamaWhat Is Gynecomastia?

    The chest is the center of a strong, male physique—proof of a lifetime of dedication to bench presses and heavy lifting. However, for many men, advancing age, weight gain, hormonal changes, or genetic factors can lead to the development of fatty tissue in the mid-chest region that can sometimes resemble breasts. Referred to as “gynecomastia” these fatty pockets can mar the masculinity of the chest region, causing embarrassment and lack of confidence. Many men simply conceal their condition under clothing, but still suffer the anxiety and lack of confidence than can develop as a result of this condition. Fortunately, a number of effective techniques are available to mitigate the appearance of male breasts.

    If you’re concerned about the appearance of male breasts, a consultation at Plastic Surgery of Tuscaloosa can help you decide if gynecomastia treatment is right for you. Our aesthetic surgical center, conveniently located in the North River area of Tuscaloosa, offers a refined, sophisticated, and discrete environment where we hope you will feel comfortable discussing your concerns and possible treatment options. Dr. Ross Bunch, MD is a Board-certified plastic surgeon who will listen carefully to your aesthetic needs and develop a treatment plan to achieve your desired goals while maintaining a focus on comfort and safety.

    Good candidates for gynecomastia treatment include those who:

    • Are concerned about the appearance of enlarged male breasts
    • Have not had success reducing the appearance of male breasts through diet and exercise
    • Maintain normal weight and good overall health
    • Have experienced stabilized breast development
    • Experience anxiety or lack of confidence due to enlarged male breasts

    The negative effects of enlarged male breasts can have a serious impact in your self confidence in both personal and professional relationships. Fortunately, a number of treatments are available to help you look and feel your best again.

    A Range of Effective Treatment Options for Gynecomastia

    Every individual is unique, and treatment options vary depending on the extent and origin of your condition. A discreet and detailed consultation with Dr. Bunch will help you determine which treatment option is right for you.


    For many patients whose breast development is primarily the result of weight gain, a simple liposuction technique is often the best treatment. Typically, this procedure is performed using a slim tube, or cannula, which is inserted into the tissue through a series of small incisions. The unwanted fat is then loosened and suctioned out and the remaining tissue is sculpted to provide a firm, masculine appearance.


    In cases of glandular gynecomastia, or in cases where the skin or areola display visible signs of stretching, an excision technique is often recommended. This type of procedure varies greatly according to the condition and physique of the individual, but it typically involves a series of small incisions through which the skin and tissues may be trimmed, tightened, and repositioned to create an aesthetically-appealing masculine appearance.

    Combined Treatment

    In many cases, a combination of liposuction and excision is used. The liposuction removes the majority of unwanted fat, while the excision technique corrects the appearance of sagging skin or stretched areolas. This leaves the chest looking firm and taut, with sculpted, masculine contours.

    Gynecomastia – Before & After

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    “Dr. Bunch and every member of his staff is great. I have enjoyed every visit and satisfied with the results of my surgeries. He makes sure you are not in severe pain and that he gets you healed fast so you can be back to yourself in no time. Very firm doctor when it comes to you understanding the importance of the healing process. Highly recommend him to anyone.” HW 11/1/16

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    At Plastic Surgery of Tuscaloosa in Tuscaloosa, AL, Dr. Ross Bunch and his professional, caring staff stand out among local surgical practices for their dedication to the most advanced cosmetic and reconstructive procedures in the industry. We are well-established in the community and have built a reputation for high quality patient care and excellent customer service. Dr. Bunch is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in microsurgery, facial and rhinoplasty surgeries, and endoscopic surgical techniques, and brings a specialized skill and artistry to every procedure he performs. Our mission is to restore form, function, and beauty to all aspects of your body so you look as gorgeous on the outside as you feel on the inside! 

    If you are concerned about the appearance of gynecomastia or enlarged male breasts, please contact our office at 205-349-0049.  We look forward to speaking with you and to scheduling your consultation with Dr. Bunch!

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